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Tips For Choosing the Perfect Toddler Halloween Costume

Lions, Tigers, and pumpkins, O my!? That’s right. Halloween is just around the corner, and if its your toddler’s first Halloween, dress him up in the cutest costumes you can find. Even if your toddler has experienced a Halloween or two, make this one special by dressing them up and making them the cutest toddler around. Imagine their eyes lighting up as everyone fusses over them and raves about how cute they look. Be prepared with the many options available for possible costume ideas.

Ready to order toddler Halloween costumes are a great choice. Just search for any website that sells ready to order costumes. This eliminates the hassle of making your own costume. They cost a little more, but save a lot of time and effort while giving you a professional looking costume. There are literally hundreds of costumes to choose from. Let your baby become one of his favorite television characters like Elmo from Sesame Street. How about famous cartoon characters such as Batman or Superman? If your child loves chocolate, then dress him up as one of the colors of the M & Ms. If you want to dress up your infant in more classic ways, there are still lots of options to go with. Dress them up in the classic Halloween pumpkin, or perhaps a mischievous monkey. Nothing could be cuter than your little tike in a bear costume. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Looking for more conventional ideas? Maybe you would like to make your child a great toddler Halloween costume at home. It’s a great feeling having your child wear something that you made them with love and care. Go for a classic ghost with some sheets from around the house and white face paint. A lady bug or a butterfly could also be made at home with a little more time and effort. Another great idea is to find an old sweatshirt lying around and glue ears to the hood. From there you can make almost any lovable cartoon character come to life. Looking for a more mystical idea? Add moons and stars to a plain black t-shirt with some stickers. Add a cone shaped hat and your child instantly becomes a wizard or witch. Want your little angel to be, well, a little angel? Take an ordinary white t-shirt and sew on fabric wings to the back. Some gold ribbon and a gold headband for the halo makes your angel complete. Pressed for time and can’t get supplies? It is amazing with what you can do with some simple face paint to transform your child into a lion, tiger, or butterfly. If you want an ultra creative costume for your toddler but are short on time take a look at the cute Tom Arma Costumes.

To ensure your child has the best Halloween possible, remember to choose a costume that your child can move freely in. Try not to make the costume so cumbersome that your toddler cannot run around, play games, or trick-or-treat. Also, for safety, make a costume where the child’s face is completely seen. This can decrease confusion and let you keep a closer eye on your child at all times. A useful tip to make things easier on you is to be sure to make the costumes bathroom accessible to reduce accidents. Now all that’s left is to get your camera and give your child a memorable Halloween that you can look back on together after 10 years.

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